I estimate the Black Splitter model S2X 800 will quadruple the production of our log-splitting operation on our CAT 420F backhoe. What once required two workers equipped with a chainsaw, a log splitter, and a large steel bar is now accomplished by a single operator with a Black Splitter mounted on a Caterpillar 420F Backhoe Loader. You can sit in a heated cab with the radio going instead of out there next to a loud machine, freezing and busting your fingers up. When the operators are comfortable and your workers are comfortable, you’re going to have lot more production. It will split a gumwood log that’s 30 inches around; that’s impressive.

Steve Reisenweaver
ACC Landscape Owner

We recently purchased an S2X BlackSplitter from Ransome Attachments.

The BlackSplitter is in hydraulic screw for splitting and moving logs for firewood production. I must say we were a bit skeptical upon seeing the small size of the splitter. Eric Ransome [of Ransome Attachments] delivered and work with us on the hook up to our Terex 760 backhoe.

After using the BlackSplitter for a few months there is no more skepticism. The splitter has proven itself on some very nasty knotted wood and doesn’t seem to matter the size or type of wood.

We are so impressed with the splitter we have become the Massachusetts dealer distributor for this product.

Chuck Clark & Cory Paulette
CP Enterprises