Ransome Attachments was created for the purpose of buying and selling quality new and used demolition and recycling hydraulic log splitter attachments for excavators. Ransome Attachments has over 15 years of experience in the industry affiliated with Ransome Equipment Sales. We are happy to be the 1st distributor of the Black Splitter models into North America adding another quality product to offer our valued customers.

Ransome Attachments is owned and run by Eric Ransome and headquartered in New Jersey.

Black Splitter (GmbH) is a successful and innovative company, headquartered in the central region of Hessen in Germany. We manufacture hydraulic motor driven conical screw wood-splitting attachments of various sizes, designed to fit all excavators in the 1.5 to 20 metric ton weight class. Due to their exceptional German engineering and robust construction, Black Splitter hydraulic wood-splitting attachments and accessories have earned acclaim for their superior quality from industry professionals and private customers around the world. Our products are utilized in numerous industries including log splitting, firewood & wood fuel production, biomass harvesting, forestry, land clearing and landscaping. Black Splitter products are CE approved in accordance with EU regulations for consumer health, operational & environmental safety and international export standards.

At Black Splitter, we emphasize quality product manufacture, excellent customer care and safe machinery operation. Your satisfaction and safety are our bottom line!

Black Spitter. Made in Germany. Made for you.